Hi, I'm Mponeng!

Wife to Mr. Supportive, friend, daughter, sister but most importantly a mom to a happy, energetic and adorable little girl. I am a hopeless romantic, who loves muffins, cookies and all things baked. Three words that best describe me are; kind, bubbly and strong.

I started ArisMomie with the encouragement and support from my Mr. Supportive – my Husband of 5 years, to share my good and most challenging experiences of being a first-time mom and just being a mom in particular. Looking back, no amount of advice and preparation could have given me an idea of what parenting would be like because with all the love and pride I have for my baby girl; the journey of motherhood remains the single most challenging experience ever.

Through ArisMomie I hope to provide support to all parents by sharing my happy days of being a Mom and the tear-filled ones of confusion and frustration. I want this platform to give a sense of reassurance and comfort to all parents who like us feel they have no idea what they are doing half of the time. The idea behind ArisMomie came when we realized how overwhelming parenting was, and for first-time parents like us, the transition was terrifying.

I want ArisMomie to inspire and motivate parents to know that their best is enough and it's okay to be vulnerable at times because raising kids is a continuous improvement of trial and error and not for the faint-hearted. Ultimately all I want is to raise a kind human being that will know they are loved and to share that in my blog!

- Love.... Ari’s Momie